A new way to stalk friends, family and ex-girlfriends.

FacebookSo do you sit and Google friends and family to see if they’re still alive, arrested or done anything worth knowing about? (If you don’t… then neither do I and all this is a thought exercise.)

Well now from the socially enabled, Web 2.0 world comes the greatest tool since the creation of the web and Google in helping find lost friends and family that you can “web stalk”… Facebook.

Hello My Name is Dale and I’m a Facebook Addict. (mmh wonder if there is a group on Facebook for Facebook addicts….)

Every day starts and ends with me checking Facebook to see if I have any new friends, who’s poked who and who uploaded what. I haven’t gotten to the point that I update my status every five minutes… yet. But I am running out of people to search for and add to my friends list. So if you know me, met me, or like me… and are single and female 🙂 add me to your friends list.