Help – Photo’s

I’m hoping to use the power of the blogosphere (that’s assuming this little site is in it) to find something.

I’m looking for a photo graph of New York at night or in Black & White. Would be really awesome if you can see the twin towers in it still, which means its pre-9/11.? I want to get it printed and give it to someone as a present, but I can’t find any really good ones so far. (I’m busy scouring flickr as I type this.) Because its going to be printed it needs to be a high resolution image. If you know of any of London taken at night or black & white those would be awesome too.

I did see one in a shop over the weekend that would be perfect, it was rather expensive though (R 5000) and it was huge. (1.8m x 1.8m) I’m looking for something just bigger than a A4 page.