Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen

transformers-pics-02-march2Last night Claire, myself and a few friends went to watch the new Transformers movie, Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. We both enjoyed the movie and Claire said she liked it more than the first, and this coming from a girl who’s not a fan of “scifi” movies or anything that she thinks is un-realistic.

I had not read a lot of reviews, but those that I had skimmed and those that I read after watching the movie all said that its non-stop action with very little story and I have to agree. Every time an Autobot appears on the screen it transforming, blowing something up or getting shot at. I’m not sure exactly how they shot the movie or who to blame (perhaps Michael Bay?) but the way that the action shots are filmed the camera appears to move around alot which can get a little nauseating. The fight scenes between the Decepticons and Autobot’s are spectacular and there are many (hundred’s even), I’m surprised that more Autobot’s weren’t destroyed in the movie. In some ways there are perhaps too many battle scenes and they get more ridiculous every time.

transformers_2676-0-0-0_2064652What the movie lacked though was the interaction between the humans and the transformers (either side) this movie just didn’t have the same amount of quiet discussions, when things were being said it was normally in the middle of a battle and something was blowing up. I also found that a few of the Autobots are a little annoying there are 2 in particular that I really wished could’ve been killed off early in the movie.

transformers_2666-6573-0-0_2007812As usual they made gratuitous use of Megan Fox’s breasts, thighs and butt, and her body in general, not that I’m complaining… I am curious though how her breasts managed to stay inside her tiny tank top for so long while running frantically through sandy ruins in Egypt, dodging explosions, bullets and Decepticons. Which is the other thing about this movie that I couldn’t believe, she?s so hot, even after running around for about 60% of the movie nonstop, dodging explosions, bullets and transforming cars/robot things her hair is still perfect.

Was it a good movie? Yes, it was… it?s probably more a “guy” movie, considering the cars, robots, explosions and Megan Fox… I think that was Claire’s biggest complaint that there weren’t any hot guys in the movie running around scantily glad.

Was it better than the first? Dunno… it has got more explosions and better effects, I would guess it?s probably got about 400 times more than the first. Although I felt the first one had more of a story line, both are good.

Am I going to buy the DVD and watch it again? Hell Yeah!!!

PS: To the reviewers who pulled this movie to shreds, COME ON !!! It’s about aliens who land on earth and transform from their “robot” forms into cars, planes etc… and they do battle on earth blowing stuff and each other up… while a rather good looking scantily glad women runs around. It’s supposed to be stupid, over the top with deafening sound and impressive effects, I would be disappointed if it wasn’t.