Wine & Twitter

wine-twitterTwitter is pretty weird, I follow a few people… people that I actually want to hear from or that mention things that interest me. For me Twitter isn’t a marketing tool or anything like that because at the moment I don’t have anything to really promote, for example? I hardly ever mention this site on Twitter because I’m not trying to drive tons of traffic to it. For me Twitter is a way to “catch up” with other people and find out what they’re reading, thinking about or doing.

However for alot of people Twitter is a marketing tool, they have automated searches that run against all the twitter feeds and look for particular keywords and when someone mentions that word they’ll follow that guy because of it, Sometimes this is all automatically done other times they manually choose to follow the person.

Yesterday I mentioned an article I read about the importance of customer service in the following Tweet:

Nice entry about Importance of Customer Service with Winery examples #wine

After that one Tweet in which I mentioned Wine I ended up with about 5 new followers who are all “Winies” (or whatever you call people who are mad about Wine.) I decided to do a little research and discovered that Twitter (and to a lesser degree blogging in general) is very big in the Wine World and if you mention something about Wine you suddenly have a bunch of followers.

Of course this has now gotten my mind working, is there some way to tap into all these Wine people? I mean is there perhaps a need for Wine software? Perhaps software to catalogue your wine collection? or perhaps a system that collects info about the wines you have in your private cellar and then you tell it what you having for dinner and it recommends a wine to you?