Sunday Lunch – Improved Grilled Cheese – Experiment No 2

Sunday Lunch – Improved Grilled Cheese – 15/02/2010, originally uploaded by Dale Nunns.

Sunday I was determined to improve on the grilled cheese sandwich. This time I started off by slicing the cheese rather than grating it which meant I had better control over how much cheese what put onto the sandwich which would hopefully combat the oilyness. I took a small amount of butter, melted it and brushed it on the outside of the bread, just enough to get the bread to go golden brown, but not enough that you could actually taste it.

Then I decided to add some pastrami to the cheese to add something to the flavour, this made a huge difference to the sandwich.

The next trick was ensuring the?temperature?of the stove was kept at medium-low and then putting a lid on the top so that everything is nicely toasted and turning the sandwich after a short period of time.

I’ll call this experiment a success, it was as sickening oily/fatty as the first and thanks to the pastrami tasted a lot better. I will though need to experiment with a few other cheeses, if anyone knows of a good “cheap” cheese that melts nicely and doesn’t go like rubber available at Pick n Pay or Woolworths please let me know in the comments.