Visitor Stats

Been too busy with other stuff lately and haven’t been posting as often on this site as I would like, noticed its had a bad effect on the stats for the site over the past few months 🙁

The peaks in the above graph is when I’ve posted something on the site. I need to discipline?my self to post something daily, ideally twice a day. It’s hard work trying to come up with something intelligent to write about each day, but I think at the very least I’ll stick up a few links found that day or something like that.

The really odd and surprising thing as been my new most read article on this site which is the “Awesome Lighter Cufflinks” post which since being posted has received over 200 visits.

I also need to do a little maintenance on this site and add a bit of colour too it, I’m getting rather tired of the plain blue, white and black that I’ve had since starting the site. (Those of you reading this through a RSS reader will never know the difference though.)