Basil, Tomato and Olive Pasta – Jamie Oliver

The wife and I eat mostly the same meals every week, with minor variations based on what is currently on sale. But we’ve started to get a little bored…

Yesterday I remembered reading about a Basil and Tomato pasta in one of my Jamie Oliver books, a quick search online found the one I was thinking about.

I made a few changes to the dish, I added a chopped and peeled clove of garlic to the tomatoes and used Woolies rosa tomatoes. I also cooked some chicken cut in strips in some olive oil and a little white wine to add to the dish. We didn’t have the same cheese but a little grated Parmesan worked pretty well. I played with the quantities a little as I was only cooking for two… and still managed to have leftovers.

The dish is super easy and if you co-ordinate everything correctly and time it just right you could do everything in +/- 30minutes of cooking (depending on how long the oven takes to warm up.)

And it tasted soooo good, its easily my new favourite home cooked pasta dish.