FNB Online Banking – Still Down :-(

Any FNB customers out there? I’m sure you’ve noticed that their online banking is still down… I first checked it yesterday around 9am and it was down and still down now, 24 hours later. After doing more reading up I see its actually been down since Sunday’s scheduled maintenance.

**Just a quick update it appears that debit cards were also affected by the downtime.

**Another update you can follow this twitter (@rbjacobs) feed to get live updates on the status of the FNB banking site.

They’ve got a little link telling you to use Cell phone banking, but of course I can’t remember my cell phone banking pin.

You can find more info on the My Broadband forums and on this news item from MyBroadband.

I wonder if FNB will be paying out for lost interest or bounced debit orders etc because of the site being down and people unable to transfer money? I know I can go to a bank, but are they going to pay the fees associated with doing banking at a real bank?