Voyager 2 – Extreme remote debugging

Voyager 2 for those of you who don’t know is a space probe that was sent into space and was designed to study a whole range of things. (You can go read the Wikipedia page if you want more detail.)

For those of you don’t know a few weeks (months?) ago something went wrong and the space probe stopped sending coherent information back to earth. Now remember that this probe was launched in 1977. NASA managed to debug and fix the problem with the on-board computers remotely… which is impressive given how old the hardware is and the fact that it takes 13hours for info to travel from the probe to earth. I’m continually impressed by a lot of the “old school” space hardware that NASA built and how long it lasted and how they’ve often gotten it to work long after its expected EOL (End of Life).

You can find the?official?account of what happened and how it was fixed here.