Anyone using Google App Engine?

I’ve been reading up about Google App Engine, which sounds interesting. It sounds like yet another “cloud” computer although one of the advantages is that this one is free, or at least some of the services are free and it integrates with the rest of the Google services which could be rather nice.

Of course there are disadvantages as its tied into Google which some people think is evil and your code could end up only being able to run on there platform and not others.

Has anyone used it? What do you think of it? Anyone done anything more than a quick look at the introduction page?

Google Analytics Report Back

Since installing Analytics on the site I’ve been going in and checking the stats each day, mainly to see who is coming to the site, where they’re coming from and how long they’re staying.

It appears that about 40% of the visitors are from South Africa with the rest coming from mainly Europe and then a few from America. Keywords used on Google to find my site are (in order of number of visits) gliffy, Rachel Leigh Cook, “orange couch” +decorate and telkom verify adsl.

There are spikes in my visits everytime I post something new and it appears if I write something about a blog post someone else has made on there sites I get a few more visitors. I’ve only been running analytics for 9 days on the site so obviously its early days and I have been neglecting the site a bit so it doesn’t have the same readership I once had, but it is encouraging to see my readership slowly climb as I post more.

Google Notebook API

Anyone know if there is an API to access notes in Google Notebook ? I’ve been using the notebook alot lately, as I’m normally on one of 4 computers (sometimes 5) and its nice to have a central place to put all my notes about stuff or sites I want to visit etc.?

The other day though I came up with a crazy idea for a little application that I would love to link to Google Notebook (essentially I want to read & write notes) but I haven’t found an API for it yet. I guess I could perhaps reverse engineer the Firefox plugin ??

If anyone knows where to look… leave a comment.

EDIT: I was really stupid 🙁 Typed “Google Notebook API” into Google and I found this only problem is that the official API only allows reading of the public notebooks.?

Would it be possible to impersonate a user in a browser to read/write notes? Or is that just too complicated?