Anyone using Google App Engine?

I’ve been reading up about Google App Engine, which sounds interesting. It sounds like yet another “cloud” computer although one of the advantages is that this one is free, or at least some of the services are free and it integrates with the rest of the Google services which could be rather nice.

Of course there are disadvantages as its tied into Google which some people think is evil and your code could end up only being able to run on there platform and not others.

Has anyone used it? What do you think of it? Anyone done anything more than a quick look at the introduction page?

Sprite Optimization

To the web developers out there… I was reading this article about Sprite Optimization which is basically about creating a big image with all the graphical bits of your interface on it and then using css to clip and display only the relevant pieces.

In theory (and jundging by what I read.. in practice too) this makes your site load faster. I know that WordPress does this in places in thier admin interface.

Although reading the article, they do point out that for somethings doing it this way massively complicates matters.

I think I would split things up a bit, have one file for icons and perhaps another for borders and UI elements and maybe another for buttons or something like that.