Reading SQLite databases in Windows

sqlite2009-proI recently had to get some data out of a .db file from an Adobe Air application, a few quick searches on Google turned up that the file is, as I suspected, a SQLite database. (Way to go Adobe!)

A few searches later and I had found this neat little application called SQLite2009 Pro its a free download and works pretty well. It allows you to view the database structure and import/export data as well as run SQL queries against it. It also comes with a ODBC driver but I haven’t gotten that to work, but admittedly I haven’t read any of the docs yet.

For those of you wondering, the file I was reading is the database file for the SARS (South African Revenue Service) E@syFile software.

SARS Extends Tax Deadline

SARS has extended the deadline for sub-mitting e-filing returns.

Additional time has been set aside for the submission of income tax returns, the SA Revenue Service has said.

Taxpayers using eFiling have until February 5 to submit their income tax returns electronically, SARS said. Until January 23 – the initial deadline – SARS will complete and capture returns electronically at any SARS office.

After that date all returns will have to be submitted electronically via eFiling. “Taxpayers who encounter problems are advised to go to a SARS branch office for assistance.”

From IOL – 15 January 2009

The reason given by SARS for the extension is that the e-filing website has been unable to handle the load of all the people submitting Tax returns. I do suggest that you check with your local SARS office and make sure that this news story is correct (assuming you can get through).