419 Scam

Early this morning I received an SMS that said the following (copied from the sms):

Congratulation !!! You won R1,000,000,00 (one Million Rands), your number was selected among the lucky winners of Chevron World Wide international South Africa lottory bonanza Ticket NO: 0404 Batch No:7777 contact our fiduciary claim agent on this number (0763005305) to claim your prize, or email: chevronpaymentdept@gmail.com. Contact person MR MIKE NKOSI. T&C Apply.

The sms came from the following number +27727262858

I hope that you can all see that its a scam message, I can’t believe the Chevron or any company involved with them would make so many spelling and grammar mistakes and why would they use a @gmail.com address? and why is the contact number a cell phone number and not some kind of call center number?

But just in case it wasn’t a scam, I thought I would send them a quick email… (I had entered a few competitions at the local Caltex service station and Caltex is owned by Chevron.)

What follows below is a copy and paste of the email discussion I had with the “chevronpaymentdept@gmail.com”

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