Online shopping done wrong?

So I saw a bag (Laptop Bag not Hand bag) I really like at a Woolworths store in Cavendish Square, its part of the “Country Road” section of Woolworths (a new “up market” section of the store.) My problem is I didn’t buy it at the time because it was towards the end of my Christmas shopping and I was rather broke.

So this weekend I go online to Woolworths site with the crazy idea that I could perhaps buy it online… unfortunately I can’t. I can buy food, womens clothing and kids clothes but not this bag. Which makes me wonder if there is not something very wrong with the way we do online retailing here in South Africa. I would buy the bag if it didn’t envolve me going out of my way back to Cavendish and standing in long queues and paying a fortune for parking. I would guess that Woolworths already has all the info needed to put this item online in there various databases, I just wonder why they won’t put it online? Surely it doesn’t cost more to put these items online? I don’t think they would loose customers who suddenly don’t want to go into the store either, they might actually get a few new customers via the online store.

So they’ve pretty much lost a possible sale, unless of course I wonder back into that store sometime and they have stock and I have money.

Ruby On Rails and a Woolies Queue

I’ve been spending some of my copious free time learning something new, Ruby On Rails. Before everyone gets excited and says “Oh no not another blog about RoR and how wonderful it is…” this is not one of those kinds of posts, in fact its got nothing to do with RoR actually.?

Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot about RoR and trying various things out with it to see what can be done, how easy it is and is it actually something that I should try learn. I’ve got a few crazy ideas for some “web-enabled” applications and am looking for an easy way to rapidly develop the applications.

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