Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

Just upgraded the site to the new WordPress 3.0, as usual this has been a relatively painless upgrade bringing a few new features.

Unfortunately the theme I use on this site, a slightly tweaked version of K2 doesn’t support all the new features so I’m considering moving over to the new 2010 default theme, so don’t be afraid if the site suddenly doesn’t look the same.

Quick update: New theme is enabled but not yet customised, so the site looks slightly different now, I’ll keep tweaking it over the next few days until I get it “just right”….

Please let me know if something appears broken…

Site Updates

If you’re my regular visitor (Hi mom!) you’ll notice that I’ve made a few minor tweaks to the site.

First was I finally joined and added Afrigator (you’ll see the logo on the left widget bar of the site). I’ve been blogging/journaling/writing for a long time on this site and yet don’t really “hang out” online with any fellow SA bloggers, I’ve decided though in an effort to increase my readership to start working at changing that.

Next up was I finally joined Delicious and have started using it to store my bookmarks, friends have always said I find the coolest and weirdest sites on the net and now with Delicious I’m able to easily share them. I’ve also started integrating Delicious into the site so you’ll see posts will “automagically” be generated that will contain my bookmarks for the day, hour, week etc.

I’ve done a little house keeping on the blog too and upgraded WordPress to the latest version along with updating all the plugins and cleaned out all the “junk”.

Over the next few weeks I hope to sort things out so that I can post more often and more easily, I’ll still write the long “boring” articles I normally do but want to make it so that it’ll be easy for me to quickly post a short something if I find something really cool.

Writing WordPress Plugins

I’m currently working on a little side project that involves doing lots of customisations to WordPress. (What exactly I’m up too will have to remain a secret for the moment, sorry customers orders.) I’ve been working today on writing a new plugin for WordPress that will turn it into what I need for my client, once the plugin has reached a use-able state I’ll start with the theme.

My development environment currently consists of WordPress 2.7 running on XAMPP for Windows (MySQL + Apache + PHP) with NetBeans 6.5 with PHP support. Netbeans works great as a PHP editor and its also a good Java IDE (although I’m not using it as that at the moment for this project.).

My biggest problem has been dusting off my PHP knowledge and trying to puzzle out the WordPress plugin API. There is alot of info on writing WordPress plugins on the WordPress Codex another useful link is this one on how to configure Netbeans for wordpress plugin development, I suggest you check out on the same page the info about creating a wordpress project and importing the source so you can have all the auto-completion goodness. The only thing I haven’t gotten working yet is XDebug so I can’t debug the PHP code or step through it in Netbeans, not sure why its not working but touch wood I haven’t needed it yet.