Hacking an Eveready Radio

My wife has a cheap Eveready radio that she bought to listen to Gareth Cliff on 5fm in the mornings in the office. The radio isn’t anything fancy, its a basic radio with a little digital clock on it.

The biggest problem with this radio is that it appears that the battery only lasts a few weeks and they cost R 25.00 a battery… the radio was only about R 45.00 (it didn’t come with a battery though).?The conspiracy theorists in me says the reason it goes through batteries so quickly is because its made (or at least branded by) a battery company.


Yesterday the battery started to die and the wife wanted me to buy another battery for it… Thats when I had a light bulb moment (to quote Oprah) and decided instead of buying another battery I would hack the radio to run off the mains power.

I got approval from the Wife for this project, although it couldn’t cost more than the battery or a new radio.

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