My new phone… HTC wildfire

Yesterday I got my new cell phone, a HTC wildfire. I’m loving the phone so far, its not the fastest or fanciest phone but its still pretty awesome.

I’ve managed to setup links to all the “lmportant” social media apps. I’m rather impressed by Android, its a lot better than my old Nokia.

Full review to come soon…

Basil, Tomato and Olive Pasta – Jamie Oliver

The wife and I eat mostly the same meals every week, with minor variations based on what is currently on sale. But we’ve started to get a little bored…

Yesterday I remembered reading about a Basil and Tomato pasta in one of my Jamie Oliver books, a quick search online found the one I was thinking about.

I made a few changes to the dish, I added a chopped and peeled clove of garlic to the tomatoes and used Woolies rosa tomatoes. I also cooked some chicken cut in strips in some olive oil and a little white wine to add to the dish. We didn’t have the same cheese but a little grated Parmesan worked pretty well. I played with the quantities a little as I was only cooking for two… and still managed to have leftovers.

The dish is super easy and if you co-ordinate everything correctly and time it just right you could do everything in +/- 30minutes of cooking (depending on how long the oven takes to warm up.)

And it tasted soooo good, its easily my new favourite home cooked pasta dish.

Error 500 bookmarks?

To those people who’ve been wondering whats up with the bookmark round ups that get posted to the site and all the Error 500’s… its auto generated based on my bookmarks in delicious, which I haven’t used in a long time.

Obviously the dust bunnies have gotten in there and are causing some trouble. I’ll see what I can do to get you some better links.

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Been neglecting my site a little lately…

Been neglecting this site a lot for the last few months, work, new house and DIY projects have been getting in the way… Photo’s go on Facebook because the wife doesn’t want the whole world to see the place and I’ve been trying to keep in touch with people in person rather than through electronic means.

The good news is the Garage “workshop” is nearly complete so I’ll soon be taking things apart, modding them and building new things… So please watch this place.

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