Bookmarks for March 29th through March 30th

These are my links for March 29th through March 30th:

Bookmarks for March 29th from 13:50 to 14:00

These are my links for March 29th from 13:50 to 14:00:

Bookmarks for March 26th through March 29th

These are my links for March 26th through March 29th:

Bookmarks for March 25th from 10:12 to 17:31

These are my links for March 25th from 10:12 to 17:31:

Site Updates

If you’re my regular visitor (Hi mom!) you’ll notice that I’ve made a few minor tweaks to the site.

First was I finally joined and added Afrigator (you’ll see the logo on the left widget bar of the site). I’ve been blogging/journaling/writing for a long time on this site and yet don’t really “hang out” online with any fellow SA bloggers, I’ve decided though in an effort to increase my readership to start working at changing that.

Next up was I finally joined Delicious and have started using it to store my bookmarks, friends have always said I find the coolest and weirdest sites on the net and now with Delicious I’m able to easily share them. I’ve also started integrating Delicious into the site so you’ll see posts will “automagically” be generated that will contain my bookmarks for the day, hour, week etc.

I’ve done a little house keeping on the blog too and upgraded WordPress to the latest version along with updating all the plugins and cleaned out all the “junk”.

Over the next few weeks I hope to sort things out so that I can post more often and more easily, I’ll still write the long “boring” articles I normally do but want to make it so that it’ll be easy for me to quickly post a short something if I find something really cool.

Bookmark All addon for Firefox

I use Firefox alot, its open all day and by the end of the day I normally have between 20 and 40 tabs open. Often I would like to bookmark the tabs, especially when doing research on stuff, so that I can come back to it later but its often not important that I bookmark it with any kind of description a date is normally more than enough.

Up to now I’ve normally just hit CTRL+SHIFT+D (Bookmark All Tabs) and type in today’s date, this had worked but it is a little cumbersome and sometimes I mis-type the date.

A few days ago I set out to find a plugin that does this or find the info needed to write one, after alot of searching I found a add-on that did exactly what I wanted.

Here is the Addon page on, it’s called “Bookmark All” and allows you to add a button to your bar that basically bookmarks all the currently open tabs under a folder (that you select) with today’s date and time.